UPVC Trapezoidal Roofing Sheets

Trapezoidal Roofing Sheets are the profile sheets that have trapezoidal shaped profile shape and these are coated with multiple beautiful colors to give attractive appearance. These sheets are available in white, grey, green, blue, terracotta, ivory, brown and more beautiful colors. To match the attractive look of the houses roofing sheets are combined with special roofing materials. Ultra-weather resin is used on the surface as the top layer of the roofing sheets which helps to prevent the effect of UV rays coming from sun and along with reduce the coefficient of heat conductivity. These properties enhance and assure durability and excellent resistance to chemical corrosion. The intermediate and underlying layers are made up of the materials that ensure excellent strength and excellent insulating nature. These trapezoidal have some characteristics :

Fine Furnished : These sheets are having uniform quality and the colors are coated uniformly colored coating and these colors are chosen from the recent color system coating line.

Corrosion Resistance : Manufactured using superior quality of steel and aluminum, these sheets have excellent anti-corrosion properties.

Beast Heat Conduction : The color coating on these sheets has strong insulating properties and thus these sheets give the excellent protection against heat.

Resistant to Water : Water cannot stay on these sheets owing to the waterproof feature of these sheets.

Sheets are weather proof : Without getting damaged, these sheets can bear extreme weather conditions.

High Tensile Strength: Better tensile strength makes these sheets to bear heavy loads.

Physical Appearance : With their availability in wide range of colors, these are attractive in look.

Economical Value : Installation and maintenance costs are minimum due to which these sheets have excellent economical value.

Trapezoidal sheets are mainly used in : Architectural Roofs Auditoriums Gymnasiums Exhibition Halls Household Roofing Commercial Buildings Industrial Buildings Airports

Tetto Color offers trapezoidal Roofing Sheets and they  are one of the leading manufacturer and suppliers, trapezoidal sheet manufactures using fabricated and  best grade materials and are made available in various specifications. Easy installation of these sheets with straight and simple  shape combined with dimensional accuracy ensures. Customers can avail these sheets in a variety of colors, dimensions, grades and designs. These sheets are corrosion resistant.

Chemical resistant : resists action against most chemicals in both liquid and vapour forms.

UV resistant

Flexibility : can be bent perpendicular or parallel to the corrugation.

Light weight : saves on structural costs and can be easily handled and transported.

Excellent thermal insulation

Resistant to Corrosion : Ideal for use in coastal regions.

Resistant to Fire : Non-combustible material conforms to international fire safety standards. Self-extinguishing does not propagate fire.

Tetto Color also provides the roofing sheets with elegant look, Flexible design, and excellent finish, Tile Profile Roofing Sheets, Corrugation Profile Roofing Sheet and Trapezoidal Profile Roofing Sheet

Tetto Color provides the roofing sheets with extra preferred features like Thermal & Noise Insulation, Chemical Corrosion Resistance, Impact Resistance, Whether Resistance, Ease of handling & installation, Fire Resistance, Resistance to fungus growth & termite attack, Detached houses, Terraced houses, Residential multi-storey buildings, Recreational dwellings, Agricultural construction

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