Shiny And Glossy : The Glaze Tiles

Glazed tiles are one of those tiles which itself meant shiny, glossy or the outer surface have a luster property. Moreover, in many of the tile industry, glazed is used to refer to the coat of enamel or liquid glass that is applied to almost all ceramic and porcelain tiles. The glaze is a substance, rather than to discuss it, mostly tiles are found in glazed. Glazed tiles have been used in China since the tribal Dynasty as a material for roofs and from that period glazed tiles became ever more popular for top-tier buildings, including palace halls in the cities, and ceremonial temples, dynasties etc. Glazed plate tiles are laid side to side across each other and they must get overlapped. The standard overlap was forty percent, which increased to seventy percent in the modern period. With the standard forty-percent overlap, it was not possible to have triple tile overlap, as there was a twenty-percent gap between the first plate tile and the third plate tile. Hence, if a crack developed in the second tile, water leakage was inevitable whereas seventy percent, forty percent, and ten percent by the second, third and fourth tiles, respectively; even if second and third presume to be crack then there would be no leakage.

Tetto color provides glazed tiles in two types -Glazed tubular tiles are molded into tube shape on a wooden mold, then cut into halves along their length, producing two tubular tiles, each semicircular in section.  Modified PVC is used as a raw material by Tetto color in making these tiles glazed. Modified PVC is blended of other things main component is PVC, incorporating an impact modifier that improves the fracture toughness and ductility of the material. This enhanced toughness enables PVC-M Pipes to be manufactured with a thinner wall, with subsequent material savings and improved hydraulic properties. The blending of PVC with modifying monomers and its polymers achieves improvement in resistance to crack. The result is the minimization of the effect of stress concentrators such as scratches.

Tetto color used a technology which more openly never been used is a product made from modified PVC. Colors, finishes, textures, and styles are truly selected and all these are achieved using inkjet printing technology. Several styles of glazed tiles for roof including traditional pantiles, plain tiles, and roman tiles have interlocking variants. A historic restoration project may use the glaze for their perfection. It reduces cost and time, corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant, sound insulation,  weather-resistant and many more.

Tetto color is one of the leading companies of glazed tiles, color roofing sheets, and PVC roofing sheets.  Glazed roofs allow natural daylight to permeate the building, giving a light and airy feel. The architectural glass roof lights were installed strategically across the building to maximize natural daylight and reduce the need for artificial illumination and energy consumption. To look very attractive mostly glazed roofs look more furnished, all these points are there in the mind of glazed roof tiles manufacturers and hence Tetto color is the leading manufacturers in all this.


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