Advantages of Using Colour Coated Sheets For Your Roof

Roofing is an essential component in the construction business world over. Now, there has been an inclination towards the significance of aesthetics. From wallpaper to modern architecture, building construction goes beyond only practicality moreover functionality. One aspect that is getting uniform popularity is decorative, colour-coated roofing sheets. While we recognize them mostly in urban furthermore industrialized areas, these sheets can be practiced not just for large industrial and commercial buildings, though residential buildings primarily for aesthetic purposes, but also as an opportunity to the conventional galvanized iron sheets.

Until the mid-19th century, wood, slate more lay tiles were predominantly utilized as roofing materials. The last century witnessed asphalt, asbestos, moreover fiber-cement substituting traditional materials. However, now thanks to more modern, more sophisticated technology, roofing sheets are made from a variation of metals like aluminum, zinc, copper, and tin. An extended period of market experimentation by the recognized colour coated roofing sheets manufacturers are developed through multiple levels of durability fire-resistance. They are also accessible in different shapes, dimensions, and gauges to suit every customer’s requirements.The width of the colours coated on these sheets varies according to the need.


Most of the roof coating suppliers have a colour coated sheet that is produced of Aluminium, and it is one of the lightest possible industrial metals with a thickness only a third of steel or copper. Because most colour-coated sheets are formed of Aluminium, they are both lightweight but have a robust and sturdy structure versus other roofing sheet elements.

Ignition resistant

As most colour coated sheets are formed of Aluminium, they are non-combustible and have a Class-A fire rating. It makes them safe to practice for homes, gardens, factories, warehouses,  etc.


When revealed to air, aluminum sheets acquire a thin layer of aluminum oxide. This gives them resistant to corrosion also rusting. So you can be very sure your colour coated roofs won’t disappear when exposed to rain, heavy winds, either bright sunlight. Colour coated sheets are painted with different colours through a chemical method. 

Highly durable

A corrugated aluminum roofing sheet is exceptionally durable. They have a high tensile strength at low temperatures, are thermal-friendly also retain their toughness through all varieties of weather. 

Effortless to install

As colour coated sheets are lightweight, they are straightforward to install. Unlike other sheets, they don’t change and don’t use pressure on roofs.


Only three to five percent of the vital energy used to design the colour coated sheets is required for recycling. Aluminum also has a shallow melting point, so recycling them becomes undeniable.

Energy reflective also supported

Colour coated sheets today have a galvalume coating, which is an aluminum-zinc alloy. These sheets connect the durability of steel with the anti-corrosive property of Aluminium and the sustainability of zinc. As a consequence, these colour coated sheets are an effective energy-saving solution as they consider heat and thus cut back on your cooling expenses. This makes them fit for hotels, report hangers, resorts, offices, air restaurants,  decorative walling purposes, etc.

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