ASA Layered uPVC Roofing Sheets
Tetto Colour is India's Only Manufacturer Of ASA (Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylate) layer  uPVC Multi Roofing Sheets.  ASA  (Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylate) layer - protects from UV Rays & Provide Excellent Weatherability.

We put uPVC in loader & then mix it by using a mixer After that it get plasticised & Injected to die so that its takes the shape of roofing sheet. 

we are manufacturing 3 layer sheets:
1.  ASA  (Acrylonitrile-Styrene-Acrylate) LAYER - protect from UV Rays & Excellent Weatherability.
2.  HYBRID LAYER- Heat and Sound Insulation
3.  UPVC LAYER - Corrosion resistant & protect from Chemicals, Fumes & Acids.

Tetto Colour uPVC Roofing sheets Are Better others because In India only Tetto Colour is Using ASA in Multi Layer Roofing sheets .
Following are the Reasons why we prefer ASA Over Pigment colour.

ASA have 90% UV Resistance but in the On the Other Hand Pigment colour have only 55%.
Ultimate strength of ASA is 75% Or the As  Compared To Pigment colour Ultimate strength is 
Only 25%
Respectively  Heat Expansion And weather Resistance Of  ASA Is 47% And 76% And Heat Expansion And weather Resistance Of Pigment colour is 84% And 24% . It  Retain Colour And Maintain Glass Of ASA Is 98% And 60% .Upto Retain Colour And Maintain Glass Of Pigment Colour Is 57% And 10%.
Due to The Reason Mention Above We Prefer ASA Over Pigment Colour Which Gives Us Uniqueness To Our UPVC Roofing Sheets Manufacturer in India.

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