Product speciFIcations


Covered width 1050mm
Supplied width 1120mm
Wave height 25mm
Wave width 61mm
Center to center wave width 210mm
Length As per customer requirement
Colour Blue/Green/White/Red/Grey
(Customized as per customer requirement)

Raw material: Modified PVC.

Technology: This product is made from modified PVC.

Applications: Factories, Warehouse, Cold storage, Industrial sheds, hospitals, Universities, Dairy Farms, Chemical Industries, Hotels, Farm Houses etc.


Please use a fine-toothed saw to cut PVC. Can drill with hand drill or power drill. When drilling, the bottom should be supported to prevent swaying, and the hole diameter should be bigger then screw by 50%. When fixing screws, special rubber amt should be placed under the tile, and the screws should be properly fasten and should not be too tight.

The frame structure uses structural steel purlins, requires neat, parallel and evenly purlins without deforming.

The roof truss structure adopts sectional steel purlin, the purlin is required to be flat without deformation, and two purlins must be in the parallel with uniform span of 700mm.